Non-Hormone Therapy

Safe and Effective Non-Hormone Therapy for Menopause Treatment

Is Non-Hormone Therapy Right for You?

Hormone therapy involves taking natural progesterone, estrogen and/or testosterone to help ease the symptoms associated with menopause. Nutritious diet, exercise, and healthy habits can be reviewed to help you reduce the troublesome side effects of menopause so you can live a normal daily life.

If you would like to treat your menopausal symptom, consider the effective non-hormone therapy treatment options. Let the friendly and helpful professionals at Menopause Center Of Minnesota tell you about all of your options to ease symptoms and reduce the discomfort caused but this natural change in your body. 

Natural Treatment Methods to Help Symptoms

Contact Menopause Center Of Minnesota and get individualized care so you can learn how to ease your transition. Let us work with you and tell you about your non-hormonal options to:
  • Maintain a healthy diet
  • Control hot flash triggers
  • Relieve insomnia
  • Cope with mood swings, fears, and depression
  • Reduce discomfort during sex
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