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Personalized Guidance to Manage
Your Menopausal Transition

Women's Health Care Providers for Menopause Education, Counseling, and Resources


Menopause Counseling

The Menopause Center of Minnesota helps women 35 and older deal with issues and symptoms caused by perimenopause and menopause. 

You'll receive personalized guidance and counseling along with education and resources to help you manage your menopause transition with ease!
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Hormone Therapy

Let our Women's Health Nurse Practitioners tell you about all your options for reducing and relieving the harsh symptoms of menopause.

Hormone therapy involves taking natural progesterone, estrogen, and / or testosterone to help ease the symptoms associated with menopause.
Non-Hormone therapy

If you would like to treat your menopausal symptoms, you can also consider effective non-hormone therapy treatment options. Let the friendly and helpful professionals at Menopause Center Of Minnesota tell you about all of your options to ease symptoms and reduce the discomfort caused but this natural change in your body. 

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